Units used on this page: g = gold, w = wood (lumber), m = mana, p = population (workers).

Gold is equivalent to metal on earth and mars, wood = oil and mana= energy


  • In round 1, only range upgrade units attack.
  • In round 2, only range and damage upgrade units attack.
  • In round 3 and all rounds thereafter, all units attack.

In other words, armour units wait two rounds before joining the battle, and damage units wait one round before joining battle. Range units don't wait.

  • Rounds where no unit attacks would occur are not listed in the battle report.
Infantry Cavalry Heavy Units
Upgrade 1 worker, 2 ticks 2 workers, 4 ticks 3 workers, 6 ticks

Amazonian Archer Elven Hunter Dwarven Ranger 200g 100w, 4/4

Mounted Archer Amazonian Tiger Rider Bear Gunners 400g 200w 8/8

Fire Catapult Ballista Trebuchet 600g 300w 12/12


Dwarven Axeman Amazon Huntress Barbarian 150g 50w 6/6

Razor Knight Sabretooth Bear Cavalry 300g 100w 12/12

Siberian Cave Hamster Cave Arachnid Stone Giant 450g 150w 18/18


Swordsmen Pikemen Maceman 100g 0w 8/2

Knight Lancer Mounted Maceman 200g 0w 16/4

Ogre Cave Troll War Elephant 300g 0w 24/6

Efficiency Edit

You only get the rated damage when you use swords against infantry, pikes against cavalry, and hammers against heavy units. Any other uses give only 1/2 (50%) or 1/4 (25%) the damage.

Infantry Cavalry Heavy
Sword 100% 50% 25%
Pike 25% 100% 50%
Hammer 50% 25% 100%

Infantry fighting cavalry and cavalry fighting heavy units get 133% of their regular damage.


Infantry Cavalry Heavy
Infantry with swords 100% 67% 25%
Infantry with pikes 25% 133% 50%
Infantry with hammers 50% 33% 100%
Cavalry with swords 100% 50% 33%
Heavies with pikes 25% 100% 50%


When the shield is activated, it triggers on the last tick of an attack. Instead of moving onto the target, the attacker is held at ETA 1 for as long as the shield is charged; when the shield charge has run down, the attack commences. Shields must be charged before activation: 3 ticks cost 50 mana, for a maximum of 12 ticks charge.

Units encountering a shield may turn back; the shield stays up. All attackers who arrive while the base is shielded will attack when the shield charge runs out, even if they did not arrive at the same time. Dragons and spies are not affected by shields.


20 / 0 Add 50 spy protection Tavern (2)
20 / 8 damage Infantry Tavern (2)
30 / 10 damage Cavalry Tavern (2)
40 / 12 damage Heavy units Tavern (2)
40 / 8 Lockdown Tavern 2 (4)
75 / 48 burn lumber (50%) Tavern 2 (4)
120 / 48 drain mana (100%) Tavern 2 (4)
10 / 4 Boo! (no effect) Tavern (2)
25 / 0 go home in 6 ticks Tavern (2)
100 / 48 kill workers (10%) Tavern 2 (4)
10 Military Scan (unit types, 50%) Hawk's Nest (1)
10 Incoming Scan Hawk's Nest (1)
20 Advanced Scan (weapons, 25%) Far Sight Rune (3)
10 Scout castle (resources) Far Sight Rune (3)
20 Obstruct facility Far Sight Rune (3)
50 Add spy protection Hawk's Nest (1)

A spy is defeated when it either

  • moves onto a non-allied location that has spy protection
  • starts a spy action, but has less infiltration than the location has protection
  • starts a spy action, but has less infiltration than a hostile spy in the same location

Thus, keeping a spy in your own base protects it against other spies arriving later at no extra cost. Note that you can add spy protection to any allied base or outpost, not just your own!

Tip: Use the player profile for free intelligence: the "statistics" page gives the number of units lost and the number of units recruited.

Installations and special unitsEdit

  • You need 24 ticks of control over an outpost before you can upgrade.
  • You need 24 ticks of control before you can raze.
  • You need 6 ticks of control before you can downgrade.
  • You need 3 ticks of control before you can use an installation. (no longer in affect)
Type costs needs deletion income
Outpost 500g 300w 15p Farm 2 300g 200w 5p
Training base 500g 2000w Farm 4  ?
Dragon Lair 1000g 250w Castle 5 400g 200w
Dragon 500g to build, 0.5p upkeep,
25m to send
Dragon Lair -
Gate 750g 250w Workshop 5 400g 200w
Spy 25m 1p 24 ticks Spy 2 (Tavern) -
Shield 50m per 3 ticks (up to 12) Spy 5 -
Far Sight 10m + 2m * duration Watch Tower 2 -
Watchtower 500g 250w Watch Tower 3 400g 200w
Firestorm 250m Watch Tower 5 -
relocate colony 50m & wood for travel  ? -

Alliance leader controls Edit

On the "my alliance" panel, the alliance leader can ...

  • rename and re-tag the alliance
  • appoint a member "minister of war", "minister of intelligence", or "minister of foreign affairs".
  • kick a member.

The alliance leader gets all messages to "request an invitation", and he can invite someone by clicking on their base.